• Translator, The Pocket Guide To Polyvagal Theory by Stephen Porges, 2022.
  • Co-author, a chapter on mindfulness, yoga, and movement, EMDR Therapy for People, 2022.
  • Translator, Actor’s Secret by Betsy Polatin – in progress.
  • Translator, Trauma Sensitive Yoga In Therapy by David Emerson, 2019.
  • Co-author, a chapter on meditation and body awareness, Island of Reil (Insula) in the Human Brain: Anatomical, Functional, Clinical and Surgical Aspects – 2018.
  • Co-author to the Novel “Sensiz Ölümdür Aşk”, Fund-Raising Campaign for the National Down Syndrome Foundation, 2014. ISBN: 9786054994151
  • MFA Thesis Adaptations from Theatre to Opera: A comparison of dramatic structure and sample analysis of libretto and theatre plays.
  • BFA Thesis Personification in fiction and the Identity Issue in the plays of George Tabori: A dramaturgical approach to George Tabori’s, Weisman and Copperface, Mein Kampf, Requiem For A Spy and Brecht File plays.

Consecutive Interpretation in Trainings