Performing Arts

So far my work has focused on Dramaturgy, Dramatic Writing, Movement in Acting. In most of my professional work, I continued as an instructor and school director in private theater schools.


In recent years, I have been compiling my knowledge on performance, trauma studies, kinesiology, and neuroscience, and am interested in next-generation movement practices and their contributions to creativity (acting, writing, and performance). We started to implement the first trauma-informed theater education curriculum in Turkey at the Tiyatrohane. I organize trainings on Body Limits and Consent in Performance and Visual Arts in Turkey.

Playwriting and Dramaturgy

I believe that in the current sociopolitical climate, it is more important than ever to engage audience in dialogue that is as culturally diverse as possible. One my research is on an interdisciplinary subject; “Identity” and “The Other” Issue and reflexions to personification in fiction and characterization in theatre plays.


I attempt to openly address issues of race, gender, politics, religion, etc., in my plays when relevant. I passionately believe that, by revealing human nature the role of theatre arts have the same power to change the society. I am continually challenging myself as a playwright to reflect what is happening around the world. I have other works on progress.


I have numerous of works on dramaturgy in a large scale of plays  for stage productions; classical to modern, from Russia, United States, Europe and Turkey. My works include opera dramaturgy as well.

Children’s Theater

As a playwright who writes for young audience and committed to interdisciplinary studies, I believe studying pedagogy and children development as my responsibility. I had an opportunity to study attachment parenting, developmental kinesiology and movement, Polyvagal Theory, play , adverse childhood experiences and I am trauma informed instructor.


I am investing my time on reading, studying to learn from professionals like John Bowlby, Mary Ainsworth, Aletha Jauch Solter, Carol Stock Kranowitz and more…


My works on Children’s Theatre are humoresque.  I also like to challenge stereotypes, and encourage young audience for individuality. I mostly inspire from ancient Turkic mythological characters in my plays for young audience. Turkic myths are animistic, accordingly the plays are mostly related to the nature.

  • Teaching Artist, Movement, Playwright & Dramaturg, Tiyatrohane Art School 2013 – 2019
  • Teaching Artist, YogART & YogACT, 34th Izmir International Theatre Festival 2016
  • Teaching Artist & Director of Education, Akkademi Theatre 2010 – 2013
  • Jury for Acting Talent Show, TIMS Production Istanbul 2011.
  • Teaching Artist & School Manager, MSM Art School Izmir 2008 – 2010
  • Cast Director & Acting Coach , Sihirli Anahtar Istanbul & Izmir, 2010
  • Organization Team, IKSEV International Izmir Festival 2001 – 2002
  • Guest artist, Stage West Theatre Company, Des Moines (Rabbit Hole 2008/ Little Dog Laughed 2008/Reefer Madness The Musical 2008/Angels In America – Millennium Approaches, Intern Dramaturg)
  • Guest Artist, Valerie Williams Dance Theatre Co’motion, (Intern Assistant Director – Choreographer) 2005
  •  Dokuz Eylul University, Stage Arts Experimental Theatre Group, Izmir 2002 – 2005

Staged Plays

  • Veresiye Teklif Etmeyin Lütfen! (Do not ask for a loan please!) 2015
  • Balım (Bal – Sugar‘dan müzik uyarlaması) (Honey – musical adaptation from Sugar) 2015

  • Yeni Bir Masal (Brand New Fairy Tale) 2016
  • Bir Kurt Hikayesi (A Wolf Story) 2016
  • Küçük Yalan Büyük Dolan (Tiny Lie A Huge Mess) 2016
  • Basu ve Sihirli Heykel (Basu and Magic Statue) 2014
  • Ezi’nin Pasta Savaşı (Ezi’s Cake Fight) 2014


I have numerous of works on dramaturgy in a large scale of plays for stage productions; classical to modern, from Balkan countries, Russia, the United States, Europe, and Turkey. My works include opera dramaturgy as well.

  • Medea – Maria Luigi Cherubini ve Hoffmann
  • Le Nozze di Figaro – Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart ve Ponte
  • Machbeth – Guiseppe Verdi ve Piave
  • Othello – Guiseppe Verdi ve Boito
  • Faust – Charles Francois Gounod, Carre ve Barbier
  • Romeo and Juliet – Gounod
  • Tosca – Giacomo Puccinni ve Giacosa
  • Electra – Richard Strauss ve Hoffmannstall

A Brief List of My Course Topics in Performing Arts

Movement for Performance Artists:

  • Movement for Performance Artists:
  • Movement in Culture
  • Non Verbal Body
  • Anatomy for Actors
  • Nervous System, Breathing Techniques and Emotions
  • Basics of Movement Kinesiology
  • Posture
  • Basics of Sensory System
  • Orientation for Nervous System
  • Emotional Anatomy
  • Body Awareness, Sensitivity, Trust
  • Natural & Dynamic Movement
  • Space, Dimension, Rhythm
  • Balance, Expansion, Equivalency, Energy, Control
  • The Body Which Keeps the Act
  • Transformation & Imagination & Improvisation in Movement
  • Actors’ Catharsis
  • Acting & Archetype
  • Dance
  • Eastern & Western Techniques
  • Alexander Technique
  • Feldenkreis
  • Laban
  • Bartenieff
  • Contact Improvisation

Theatre Studies, Theory & History:

  • From Ritual to Drama ( Cosmogony systems in Animistic beliefs and rituals and their reflections to drama)
  • Mythology & Iconology
  • Ancient Greek
  • Epic Theatre ( Non Aristotelian Drama)
  • Political Theatre
  • Eastern Theatre
  • Dramatic Literature
  • Adaptation
  • Acting Methods

You can find my articles about performance and visual arts here, you may also follow my page eceturkmutdere

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