Yoga Alliance Yoga Teachers Trainings (200 HR)


This yoga teachers training has been prepared with the Yoga Alliance curriculum and with a flexible program that participants can progress at their own pace.


The lectures offered by Ece Türkmut Dere in the training are sent to the participants as videos and documents in PDF format to study at any time. In addition, an interactive classroom environment with live online meetings and lessons with Ece Türkmut Dere has been planned.


After these online modules, 200 hours is completed with a 7-day retreat with Ela Seker (E-RYT 500) and physiotherapist Görkem Dizdar PhD (E-RYT 200 ).


The content of the training includes all the information and practices that should be included in the Yoga Alliance approved yoga teachers training. However, unlike the standard yoga teachers training, the training content has been enriched with the expertise of Ece Türkmut Dere, with approaches and practices aimed at increasing resiliency and flexibility the nervous systemsuch as Trauma-Sensitive Yoga, Applied Polyvagal Theory in Yoga and Somatic Release. In addition, Ela Tüner (E-RYT 500) and senior physiotherapist Görkem Dizdar (E-RYT 200 ), you will learn an up-to-date approach to ancient yoga practices by understanding movement from a universal and scientific perspective.


For whom?

It is a training open to anyone who focuses on strengthening the nervous system and has the intention to learn and teach yoga on a reliable, scientific and trauma sensitive basis.

Applied Polyvagal Theory in Yoga


In this training,

By looking closely at the relationship between stress, trauma and the body,

you will discover the Polyvagal Theory practically through yoga,

Experience the benefits of co-regulation, one of the most important concepts of Polyvagal Theory, in a secure online community,

To learn about Heart Rate Variability related to stress management,

Discover how to naturally and gently strengthen the health of the vagus nerve,

Develop your own yoga practice to support your nervous system

Increasing the accessibility of yoga for clients during the session with chair yoga,

We aim to enable you to apply the basic principles of body-oriented psychotherapies to yoga.

Physiological and sensory bases of behavior

Relationship between Polyvagal Theory and Sensory System

The relationship of regulation, sensory modulation with yoga and experiential studies Studies with Bessel van der Kolk and Stephen Porges’ approach on body trauma information Chair yoga, breathing and meditation exercises that can be applied in the session


For whom?

This training is designed for mental health and movement professionals.

Trauma-Informed Yoga (20 HR)

While it is used as an integrative technique that supports trauma treatment, it also aims to provide care for professionals working in challenging conditions and crate a safe yoga space for all.


In the study, which is detailed with the latest research and findings on trauma:

– Trauma Theories, Neuroscience and Attachment theory

– Findings on the physiology and neurology of trauma,

– Why body-oriented works are done in trauma treatment

– What is Trauma-informed Yoga ?

– How does trauma informed Yoga work as a support for trauma treatment?

– How is the Trauma-informed Yoga Method different from other body-focused exercises?

– Language in the Trauma-Informed Yoga

– Forms (movement) in the Trauma-Informed Yoga

– Working with triggers

– Direction and prop use in the Trauma-Informed Yoga

– Breathing in Trauma-Informed Yoga?

What are the environmental and practitioner qualities in Trauma-Informed Yoga practice?


For whom?

This training is designed to train “trauma-informed” yoga instructors who support treatments with experts who provide professional services in the field such as psychological counseling and psychiatry, especially working in the field of trauma.


In addition, movement professionals who aim to make their lessons trauma-informed and to create an optimum safety for each participant in yoga/movement classes,


Mental health professionals who wants to add a trauma-infored yoga approach to their sessions can also get the training.


*For participation, it is necessary to have completed the YA Yoga Teachers Training (200HR).

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